Bank & Credit Union Referral Program

World Expresspay and Worldpay provide a comprehensive approach for an out-sourced turn-key distribution partnership. We provide a personalized Face to Face referral & retention program for Community Banks. Our program is professionally branded to integrate with your existing sales team, in your company name and on your behalf.



We have three deliverables:

  • A professional face to Face relationship manager that is plugged into your company and integrated with your existing sales team, In your company name and on your company’s behalf. Paid for by World Expresspay.
  • The professionally Branded associate will provide referrals from your existing customers and new ones…and provide feedback with a client satisfaction survey

  • The professionally branded associate will also provide a merchant services solution from referrals from your sales team and other contacts made on your company’s behalf.

Our management team offers a unique understanding of adding value and improving relationships between our client and their valued customers. World Expresspay was founded to bridge the gap between the capabilities and commitments of large service providers and the reality of what is experienced from a typical partner or referral program. Managing and delivering on the expectations of all parties.


Your customers experience reflects back on your bank. See below what we deliver to your bank clients in your name and on your behalf.


  • Face to Face local associate
  • Personalized conversion at the merchants location (most cases)
  • Training on the products
  • Fair Pricing for any equipment needs
  • Gift and loyalty programs to help your customers grow their business


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